The HenHouse 2, “Dream, Little One, Dream” [Night of the Hunter]

Show Notes

How not to get caught in a little boys Robin costume on Halloween.


“Dream Little One Dream” Opening Song, Unknown, From the Night Of the Hunter Soundtrack

Robert Green – “The Art of Seduction”

Various Quotes from “Night of the Hunter” by Charles Laughton

Like a Virgin, Madonna

Depeche Mode

Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday Mr. President”

Ryan Gosling, the Rake

The Notebook

“Business Time” Flight of the Conchords

“Come to Me” Deborah Holland

Portlandia, Nerd Council PSA

Steven Segal, Hard to Kill

Vague Reference to “Cats the Musical”

Katy Perry as Charmer

Justin Timberlake as Rakey-Charmer

The Charmer, Art of Seduction

The Charismatic, Art of Seduction

Joel Osteen

How to Become a Catholic Priest

Robin Costume, Young Boys